The Moskova Boxer Brief : fit, aesthetics and confort...

Multiple panels construction, innovative elastic waistband, flat stitching, polyamide back panel... Our boxers are designed by athletes for athletes, we have built in many features to bring you the best possible boxer ever made. 

Multiple Panels Construction

No one likes when their underwear rides up on their legs. To avoid that, our boxers are built using multiple panels stitched together creating a a sort of frame that keeps them down. It also gives you a better and more confortable fit at all times wether it's for every day use or physical activity.

Polyamide Back Pannel

For added stretch, all our boxers feature a horizontal polyamide back panel. It gives you more freedom of movement and enables the boxer to stay put under all circumstances. 



Innovative Elastic Waistband

Our waist band is design to look good but its primary function is to hold the boxers at the waist. Moskova has developed an innovative elastic band that provides permanent support with optimal and durable tension that lasts during your underwear life.


Super-flat Stitching

Our panels are held together with super flat stitching to avoid friction and provide a non stitched feel. For your daily use and work outs, our boxers give you friction-free confort.


Cotton dual layer in the crotch 

Turn our boxers inside out and you will notice that we have built a double layer of cotton in the crotch area. This is an important feature that enhances hygiene and freshness.



Easily removable inner label 

Our designers are freaks when it comes to attention to detail and they had an idea for those annoying inside care and size labels that scratch and irritate you. They have added a loose thread that you will notice along side the care label, pull the thread and the label will come off without having to cut it!